Texas Tykes Farm

Mini-Nubians in East Texas

Raising quality livestock

Texas Tykes Farm specializes in breeding and raising conformationally correct,
high milk producing, and eye-pleasing mini-Nubian goats.
We also raise kunekune pigs and American guinea hogs.

PLEASE NOTE: We have a very large herd and are in the process of getting pictures of all our animals and getting everyone up on the site. Check back often to see new additions. We have plans to expand our site to have additional pictures and info of our goats and pigs. If you are wanting specific information or pictures, please contact us! 

Our Farm Values

Welcome to  Texas Tykes Farm, we raise a large herd of Mini-Nubians, located in China, TX. Our goats are bred to be exceptional milkers, focusing not only on the milk pail, but also the confirmation of our animals ensuring they hold up to milking and breeding over time.  

About the Herd

Our animals are all G6S normal by testing or parentage. 

Texas Tykes is also a CAE, CL, and Johnes negative herd. We test annually for disease

Our animals are registered with The Miniature Dairy Goat Association and we’re members of Hill Country Mini Milkers. We sell to Texas and beyond, you’ll find a variety of quality Mini Nubians on our farm.